Full Landscape and Design Services, Driveways, Walkways, and more...

Full Landscape & Design Services including:
Patios, Walkways, Stairs and Retaining Walls, Natural Stone or Elegant Stone Paver Construction

The time you spend at home should be a source of pleasure, comfort, and tranquility. This also applies to the property around your home as well as the views of your property from your windows. Each improvement you make to your landscaping should enhance both the value of your home as well as your own self-esteem. We design each living space with you in mind. Each project we design is art - it is an expression of You.

Your Investment

If your property is on the market, an elegant walkway to your front door embellished by well-chosen plantings can impress potential buyers that yours is a special residence of style and grace.


Slopes, inclines and hilly terrain become a canvas for the artful craftsman who sculpts your land into terraced levels secured by stonework masterpieces of walls, steps and patios. Only an expert landscaper knows the secrets to constructing a stone staircase and retaining wall which will last a lifetime, providing for proper drainage, frost heaves, root infiltration and gravity. Easy access throughout your outdoor landscape is also maanaged by environmental lighting and non-slip surfaces especially designed to eliminate risks. While extraordinary aesthetics is your dream, year-round safety is your goal.


Whether you prefer the classic beauty of local fieldstone, bluestone or granite options or select from the many styles, colors and textures of today's magnificent precious stone pavers, your property will be transformed into a glamorous expanse of groomed elegance. AG Brick & Stone knows what the educated client is seeking and delivers what is promised to the delight of all.